Jozi My Jozi
Founded 18 July 2023

We invite YOU, the people of Jozi, Mzansi and the world, to join us as we journey towards creating a city that we can all proudly call Jozi My Jozi.

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Explore a collaborative cleanup and law enforcement campaign launched by stakeholders in Region F of Johannesburg, in...

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Mandela Day

What better way to kick off the Jozi my Jozi (JMJ) movement than by living the values and continuing the legacy of our...

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SA’s top CEOs on how to fix SA now

The FM asked South Africa’s leading business brains for their ideas on how to upend the narrative of failure — pronto

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Trust and collective action can make Joburg rise out of the ashes

As news coverage surrounding the deadly fire in the Johannesburg CBD is lessening, we should all remember that 77...

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Joburg has hit rock bottom — we need a new plan

It is time for politicians to sit down with well-intentioned private sector players and acknowledge that things simply...

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Historic Anglo building underpins Blecher’s ‘education city’

Nhlakanipho Chiliza grew up in a rural village in KwaZulu-Natal, raised alongside many siblings by his grandmother. When...

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MyJoburg with Melusi Mhlungu, creative powerhouse behind JoziMyJozi

From Joburg to the world and back, South African creative dynamo Melusi Mhlungu returned to the city in early 2023 from...

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Jozi My Jozi

Inspired by our constitution, Jozi My Jozi is a movement for the people, by the people. A movement to ignite hope and instil pride in our city. A movement that connects every person who wants to make a difference, from corporates to the everyday people of Jozi, to inspire sustainable and creative solutions for the inner city and beyond. Jozi My Jozi is a catalyst of change.


Nelson Mandela Bridge Project

The Nelson Mandela Bridge Project aims to reignite the bridge's lights as a beacon of change, and hope. It will mark the beginning of the Jozi My Jozi movement. The project encompasses several initiatives ranging from the installation of solar lights and the replacement of glass panels on the Mandela Bridge to integrating waste management and streetlight enhancements along Ntemi Piliso Street. Additionally, it addresses crucial social development aspects.